This page answers to the most common frequently asked questions that we received at Caza Hispanica for our Hunting in Spain service. We hope you find all the information that you need.

In case you have any other questions, doubts or inquiries, do not hesitate to send us an email. We will answer in no time, and, most probably, add your question to this FAQ list for our next hunters.

What is the booking process for hunting in Spain?

After we settle the species that you as a hunter or huntress are going to hunt in Spain, the total number of days, hunters and hunting companions, tourism days and general itinerary, Caza Hispanica will send you an invoice of the total amount. You will send a wire to our bank account paying 40% of the invoice in order to save and block the dates for you and start the planning on the tags and further arrangements.

The remaining amount (60%) is due 4 months (120 days) before your arrival date of your hunting trip in Spain.

How many days will I need to hunt in Spain?

The hunting days that you will need in Spain always depends on the hunter and on the number of species that they want to hunt; two or three days for each animal for a rifle hunt and five to six days for a bow hunt would be ideal. To these days you will need to add the arrival and departure days.

You have to keep in mind that the more days you will be hunting in Spain, the more you will enjoy it and the opportunities to get good trophies will be greater. Depending on the chosen program we can advise you how many days will be necessary.

May I take companions?

Yes, of course you may bring companions while you hunt in Spain.

Come with one or several companions, we are sure they will enjoy their stay with us. If you wish so, they can accompany you hunting and feel the thrill of the adventure or we can plan other recreational activities for them.
At Caza Hispánica we will plan until the last detail of your trip so that your stay in Spain will be an unforgettable experience.

What kind of firearms is necessary for my hunting trip to Spain?

For a big-game hunting trip in Spain, the 7mm Remington Magnum, 3006, or something similar is recommended.

Will anyone be waiting for me at my arrival at the airport?

A person of Caza Hispanica´s staff will be waiting for you at the airport, if the itinerary was settled that way. This person will be helping you with the formalities needed in order to enter in Spain(gun clearance and immigration process) and then take you to your first place from your itinerary.

I will land first in Madrid or Barcelona but my final destination is another airport in Spain, will I be able to catch my next flight if I have to go through immigration and gun clearance?

Although in the US everyone goes through customs at their first arrival airport, in Spain you will not have to go through customs to clear your gun in Madrid or Barcelona, you will pass through customs and gun clearance only at your final destination, whichever that is (Valencia, Granada, Sevilla, etc)

What gear do I need to bring?

Depending on the time of the year and the species that you are going to hunt, we will inform you in advance of the necessary clothes and forecast temperatures.
Make sure to bring good walking mountain boots, camouflage clothes, backpack and binoculars. Optional: sun screen protection, sunglasses, walking sticks and photo camera.

What documents do I have to provide in order to hunt in Spain?

Berfore you pay your 40% deposit you will need to send us your passport and home address. Apart from the passport you will need to get the gun permit from the Spanish Consulate in the US. Follow this link to our Documents section for further info:

What species can I hunt?

We customize each hunting trip according to the needs of the hunter. You are able to choose from the species that are enumerated on our webpage. If you want to hunt a species not mentioned you must consult us on their availability.

What happens to the animal after I hunt it?

Caza Hispánica takes maximum care of the preparation of the trophies, preparing them for exportation to the hunter´s country.
After the animal is shot, our guides will handle the first preparation of the cape on the field (skinning). In order to be allowed for exportation, the cape, skull and horns need to undergo a special treatment in Spain: skin salt, dip and in some cases early tanning. This process normally takes no more than 6 months as the cape needs to be completely cured and dry before exportation.

Can I be a hunter and a tourist?

Of course! Spain offers leisure, cultural and sports activities, as well as equipment.
Visiting the towns in Spain is going back in time and culture, is tasting the past and breathing the atmosphere of history, tranquility, charm and culture on each street. In our section on Tourism and Sightseeing you can see a summary of everything you may choose from to do while in Spain.

If you wish, you can plan all type of activities and guided visits for you.

How is medical assistance in Spain?

The medical assistance accessible to us is of the highest quality and able to treat and heal any treatable problem that arises. We have a network of hospitals throughout the country, as well as service for urgent medical attention, equipped with air and land vehicles, that guarantee urgent assistance to anywhere, no matter how remote that is.

Is there a limit on the amount of ammunition we can bring?

The limit on the ammo is 200 bullets for the rifle

Are there any problems with scabies in the Ibex areas you hunt in ?

There were some problems with scabies in some Southern areas but it happened 20 years ago and now everything is under control.

Question on tipping. I have been on different hunts are there are different rules of thumb. Can you tell me who normally gets tips on a Spain hunt? Want to be respectful.

The tipping in Spain depends on you. Normally our clients tip the hunting guides, the interpreter and the professional hunter. The amount depends on you and on how satisfied you are with the services and the hunt itself.

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