Get your rifle ready for Hunting trip in Spain

A few months ago we have published a gear list that all of our clients thought it was very complete and helpful. But having the right equipment with you is only one part of a successful hunt. The other important aspect for a successful hunt is shooting properly. Gun preparation is your most important homework before you come hunting in Spain.

Gun preparation

Gun preparation advice:

The shooting moment is the decisive moment. Everything else is important, but the shot is crucial, decisive. Shooting well is the main key to a successful hunt. For this reason we have put together a few training ideas that can help you get ready for your hunting trip to Spain.

1. Don´t use a gun you are not familiarized with

Or a rifle that you have never used before. More than that, make sure you bring a gun that you are very used to and that you are very comfortable with. This is the first step of your gun preparation for your Spanish hunt.

2. Sight your rifle in for 200 yards or 250 yards

The shooting distance for the Spanish Ibex and Spanish species is in general over 200 yards. Depending on the grains of your bullets the drop will be higher or lower. If you have your gun sighted in at 100 then you may also have a cheat sheet to know how the bullet drops at 200, 300 etc, but if you have it sighted in at 250 yards you may not have to make many adjustments and guarantee a better shooting chance. Therefore, less math and more accuracy, this is the second step for your gun preparation.

Gun preparation

3. Practice, practice, practice

We know that a 7mm or a 300 or a 3006 caliber is maybe something that you may not use very often so for this reason: know your gun and shoot it as many times as necessary. After you have it sighted in at 250 yards try shooting at 150, 175, 220, 275, 300 and 347 yards if necessary, more than once, and write down the drop and the adjustments that you will need to make. In this way you´ll know how your gun “behaves”, what you have to adjust and how much. If you use different types of ammo do this with all of them and write down your results.

Another good shooting exercise is to shoot from different shooting positions: laid down on a backpack, using shooting sticks (both low and high), using bipods or even from a  low rock wall (if available, you´ll see that we have many of these in the hunting area of the Ibex in general and in the hunting area of the Beceite Ibex in particular).

And of course, take into account that mountain hunting is NOT straight or flat shooting. You may have to shoot low or high, and if you are lucky the angle will not be superior to 15º.

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Most of our hunters are experienced hunters, but sometimes even an experienced hunter may use some advice. The only person that never misses a shot is someone that never shoots, but these exercises may  avoid a missed shot, or even worse, leaving an animal wounded.

If you have any question regarding your gun preparation don´t hesitate and write us an email at and we will answer immediately.