Now that you have decided to come to Spain and hunt one of our majestic species you will need to obtain the gun permit for Spain and know the Spanish hunting documents that you need in order to be able to bring your gun to Spain or rent it and use it in Spain, all of this completely legal. These documents are briefly introduced in the section Documents from our website, but you should read this entry that will give you all the extra details.

This article is going to explain all the process that you will go through in order to bring and use guns in Spain as of today, we will try to keep this post updated as soon as regulations change, but remember that this post is a guide and the updated info will be withheld by the Spanish Consulate, airlines and Immigration laws.

The first document that you need to send to Caza Hispanica is your passport. A few months before your arrival you will be issued an invite letter stating that you have booked a hunting trip with Caza Hispanica. This invite letter is needed in order to get the gun permit for Spain from the Spanish Consulate.

Spanish consulate? Where is that? How do I get in touch with them?

There are several Spanish Consulates in the USA and Canada. Each one of them handles a specific area called jurisdiction. We will not enumerate them here because their contact info is updated once in a while and it´s very likely that it may not be updated sometimes so please follow this link in order to see the complete list of Spanish Consulates in the USA and here to see the list of Spanish Consulates in Canada. The gun permit needed to hunt in Spain is compulsory and it can be obtained by regular mail or in person. It normally takes at least 3/4 weeks since you send the forms until you receive the permit at your address. The contact information as well as telephone numbers and email addresses for the Spanish consulates are detailed in the links already mentioned. We recommend you to send them an email and warn you that the one answering your call will be a machine and not an operator. It normally takes between 24 and 48 hours until the Consulate replies to emails.Hunting the Spanish Ibex

Obtain the Gun permit for Spain: the process

All Spanish consulates follow the same regulations, and the process is as follows. You will be asked to send the following documents:

  • legalized copy* of your passport
  • legalized copy* of your US hunting license stating that you have the right to hunt in the US.

*a legalized copy is a copy signed and sealed by a notary

Besides these copies you will need to fill out some specific forms that you will be sent. They are:

  • a translation of your hunting licence: a form in Spanish and English that you need to fill in with the info required
  • an application for special authorization to use your gun in Spain: a form that will ask you info on your guns: gauge or caliber, manufacturer and serial number, the dates that you will be in Spain, where you are going to hunt and your arrival and departure date.
    • Note: This form can be obtained from SOME consulate websites, however, you may need to call or email the consulate to a get a copy of these forms. Each consulate requires its own forms, and you may not use forms from other consulates that do not match the consulate you’re obtaining your permit through.

To these documents you need to add

  • the invite letter that you receive from Caza Hispanica
  • Fee  ($50.00 for U.S. citizens). They only accept Money-Order issued to: Consulate General of Spain.
  • Enclose a pre-paid self-addressed US Postal Service envelope.

What if I rent the gun, will I need a hunting permit for Spain?

Yes, you will need these documents if you are going to rent your gun in Spain as well. The process is the same, but as the gun is not your own gun, Caza Hispanica will provide the exact info on the gun that you are going to use: gauge or caliber, manufacturer and serial number. This info on the gun will need to be stated in the application form for a special authorization to use your gun in Spain, form mentioned above. The Spanish Consulate will then issue a gun permit to use this specific gun in Spain.

Other hunting documents

Besides the gun permit for Spain, Caza Hispanica will be in charge of providing the following hunting documents for you:

  • hunting license for your species
  • compulsory hunting insurance for your hunt in Spain

This is all the process that you need to follow when you apply for the gun permit for Spain. Click here to read the second part of this subject: Assistance with guns at the Spanish airport

Remember to check our section of Frequently asked questions where you can find answered questions that we received from hunters that are about to hunt in Spain and from hunters that have already harvested Spanish hunting species. If you still have any questions related to Spanish hunting documents or Spanish Ibex hunting in general, leave us a comment or send us an e-mail at We will gladly answer your doubts.

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