“What hunting gear should I bring to Spain for my hunt of a Spanish species?”

This is one question that we get to answer a lot and it is one of the most normal questions. At Caza Hispanica we´ve put together a list of the most important hunting gear that you will need when you hunt in Spain. 

Preparation and equipment

First and foremost we have to be sure that we are physically prepared. Caza Hispanica adapts the difficulty of the hunt to the physical condition of the hunter, but make sure you know your limits and you let the PH know them as well.
As a standard hunting gear, make sure to take a good pair of binoculars and range finder and ear plugs for the shooting.  We use the best optical devices, binoculars and spotting scopes up to 60x.


The hunter who wishes to hunt by getting close to the animal must wear clothes which guarantee an undetectable silent approach: camo clothing or dark green or brown clothing are a great option. The fabric should allow movement but at the same time should protect you from dry and thorny plants. Make sure you wear a good pair of shoes that allow an intense hike and that prevent you from slipping. They should be light, comfortable and with a sole neither rigid nor too flexible. Booths that protect your ankle are a great choice.
Get ready for shooting


First of all, it should be small, in fact, the smaller it is, the better; it should be big enough to carry your binoculars, camera, knife, a lighter, flashlight (optional), rope (optional), sunglasses, your documents and of course, your bullets. A mountain walking stick is a good ally if you are used to it.
Whenever possible, we will follow used animal tracks so we conserve energy, but from time to time we will be challenged by upwards climbs.

Riffle, shotgun, bow or crossbow

Needless to say but important to mention in your hunting gear list, you will need to bring your gun. The rifle will be fully loaded but without any bullet in the chamber, always, always with the safety catch on. Vicente will always inform you about details of the walk, the game that we are about to see as we understand that you, as the hunter, will feel far keener when you understand what is going to happen.

Hunting the Spanish Ibex

 Remember to check our Frequently Asked Questions list as well for more answers to hunters´ questions. If you can´t find the answer to any of your questions there don´t hesitate to send an email at info@cazahispanica with yor question, doubt or inquiry.