One of the first things hunters, and even non hunters, ask themselves when they first consider Spain as a hunting destination is: Which are the hunting Species in Spain? What animals can be hunted in Spain?

We have to admit that Spain is more famous for our paella, wine, dancers, cheese, bullfighting, beaches and tourism in general. But Spain is a great hunting destination. There are more than 5 million registered hunters in Spain and hunting has always been an important heritage and tradition and there is no other country in Europe with so many available hunting species as Spain.

Hunting species in Spain

Spain offers a great deal of huntable species. If you visit the “Species” section of our website you will see that there are more than a dozen hunting species in Spain at the moment: Spanish Ibex: Beceite Ibex, Gredos Ibex, Southeastern Ibex, Ronda Ibex; 2 types of Chamois: Pyrenean and Cantabrian; 3 types of Deer: Red deer, Fallow deer and Roe Deer; Wild Sheep: Mouflon Sheep; Wild goat: Balearean/Feral goat, Spanish Wolf and for bird shooting: red legged partridge.

Map hunting species in Spain

As we already explained in a post published last month, there are several scoring systems for hunted trophies and the most popular ones are CIC scoring system and SCI scoring system. We have already published the measurements for the Spanish Ibex according to these two scoring systems in the same article. Today we are going to focus on the rest of the hunting species in Spain and the different measurement for medal trophies according to the CIC and SCI formulas.

Differences between CIC and SCI applied to the Hunting Species in Spain

First of all, it is important to state that CIC (International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation)  and SCI (Safari Club International) do not consider the same species. CIC and SCI are 2 different and independent entities.

While for CIC there is only one type of Red deer and Mouflon Sheep in Spain, SCI considers 2 different species of each, the European Red deer and the Iberian Red deer and, consequently, Central European Mouflon Sheep and Iberian Mouflon Sheep.

As in the case of the Spanish Ibex, the CIC formulas for the hunting species in Spain are taken in centimeters and the SCI calculates everything in inches. Depending on the species there are numerous methods on how to take the measurements for each species.

Another significant difference is the fact that in the case of the Roe deer, CIC does not distinguish typical from non-typical bucks.

Last, but not least, as in the case of the Spanish Ibex, according to the CIC scoring system the points that one hunting trophy gets is not affected by the type of weapon that it was harvested with, whereas SCI differentiates between animals that were hunted with a rifle or using a bow.

Here you can find a summary of all the hunting species in Spain and their measurements to be medal trophies according to the CIC and SCI scoring systems:

SCI and CIC scoring measures for Spain Hunting Species

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