How does Caza Hispanica hunt? Words can never express the exact feelings, sensations and the flow of adrenaline of a hunt.

We understand descriptions only because we once have lived something similar, that´s why only the hunter will truly appreciate a hunting story. Only the hunter will feel your cold feet when your boots get wet while spotting for a buck in the rain. Only the hunter´s pulse will reach the accelerated heart beats of his fellow that was waiting for a ram to get into the right position. Only a hunter will suffer with you because of a failed bullet and he will be the one giving you the most reassuring handshake when he congratulates you.  An image is worth 1000 words, and a video is the best approach that we can have of a hunting trip with Caza Hispanica.

The video below features Tim Herald, from Magnum TV, hunting the Beceite Ibex in Spain with Caza Hispanica and other clients that we had at Caza Hispanica. Feel the thrill of this hunt by watching this video. Get your inner hunting instinct on its tiptoes and your goosebumps on by watching this short video and imagine yourself out there in the field.

We´ve had our first two episodes aired in July and August. Our third episodes will be aired soon, so make sure you sign up to our Caza Hispanica newsletter here to make sure you know when to watch it.

If you are interested in how this hunting trip went on as a whole read this exciting article on Universal Hunter magazine, where Tim Herald details his amazing experience in Spain with Caza Hispanica.

“Finally, after what seemed forever, the three largest billies were feeding in the area we had hoped, and Vicente pointed out the largest to me. He had wide, flaring horns, and I thought he was one of the most majestic animals I had ever seen.”

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Enjoy fully, dear hunters and huntresses, this is what a hunt with Caza Hispanica feels like!