Documents needed to hunt in Spain
Documents to hunt in Spain
Bring your hunting gun to Spain

The documentation that the hunter has to have in order to take it with himself is the following one:

  • Passport
  • Gun Licence
  • Guide of arms
  • Gun permit -From the Spanish Consulate in the US*
  • Hunting insurance –provided by Caza Hispánica
  • Hunting licence –provided by Caza Hispánica

Procedure on applying for the Gun Permit

  • Before your arrival to Spain, Caza Hispanica is going to provide you with an invite letter that you will have to take to the Spanish Consulate in the US or Canada that handles your area. We can sen you this letter as soon as we have confirmation that you booked your flights.
  • Get in touch with the Spanish Consulate in US that manages your area and follow their instructions, the following link enumerates the consulates, their jurisdiction and contact info: Spanish Consulates in USA 
  • The gun permit can be applied for in person or through regular mail, but the info on the application documents and procedures will be sent to you normally through emails with representatives from the consulate once you send them your questions and inquiries.
  • They are going to provide for you the Gun permit that allows you to use your gun on the Spanish territory. This gun permit is needed in case you rent your gun in Spain as well. The permit will include the information of the gun that you are going to rent: type, serial number, caliber, gauge, etc.


Our dreams became a reality when we traveled to Spain to hunt Beceite Ibex! Caza Hispanica made this hunt an experience we will never forget. Despite a record heat wave, Vicente and his team worked from sunrise to sunset to make our hunt a success. They spoiled us with outstanding food and our afternoon siestas. We can´t thank Vicente enough for his dedication to the hunt, along with Oscar and Silvino -aka “Robert DeNiro” and Yonela for helping coordinate and translate during this trip.

Chris and Jennifer Wooten