“When taxidermy is done right, it´s an amazing piece of art”

The taxidermy of your trophy is what is going to remind you of your hunt in Spain with Caza Hispanica forever. You can rely on your personal taxidermist or you can have it done in Spain by a professional of the taxidermy of the Spanish species.

After the animal is shot, our guides will handle the first preparation of the cape on the field (skinning). The next step is to take your trophy and prepare it for taxidermy.

In order to be allowed for exportation, the cape, skull and horns need to undergo a special treatment in Spain: skin salt, dip and in some cases early tanning. This process normally takes no more than 6 months as the cape needs to be completely cured and dry before exportation.

If the hunter wishes so, Caza Hispanica can handle the taxidermy for your trophies with the area´s best taxidermists and send your trophies to your address when they are prepared.

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