The hunting method that we will make use of in our hunting expeditions is the spot and stalk method, where you actually search and pursue the animal. The hunter is always accompanied by our professional hunters and guides who are great experts in the hunting areas and the habits of the animals at different times of the year.


The hunting season for the Ibex goes from early November to the end of May, although the best hunting dates would be between November and December as many animals are passing through the rut season. Check the SPECIES link to see the hunting season for each type of animal.


Normally hunters prefers to bring their own gun as they feel more comfortable using a firearm that they are used to, but if it´s necessary we can rent rifles for you.
The gun that we use is 7mm Remington magnum K95 Blazer rifles, equipped with Zeiss Diavari VM/V 3-12x56T viewfinders.
Spotting the Spanish Ibex with Caza Hispanica
Hunter with gun
Vicente Gil


Our staff is equipped with the best optical devices available on the market, binoculars and telescopes up to 60 X.


Due to the great amount of acres that we manage, we can adapt the difficulty of the hunt to the physical training conditions of the hunter.

EXTRAS: Pre-scouting

If you wish you can take benefit from our pre-scouting service, some of our guides can look for the animals several days before the hunting crew arrives to that particular area and in this way during the day of the hunt it will be easier to locate them.
Spotting scope and binoculars used by Caza Hispanica
Hunter and the hunting area
Hunting Spanish guides and outfitter


As this was my first international hunt you never really know what to expect, you continually hear all these horror stories about trips that seem to never end and game that is never very apparent. All I can say is Thank you, you have made my life long dream of hunting the Beceite Ibex an incredible and unforgettable experience. Vicente, you and your team take everything to another level and it was truly an honor to share a mountain with you. The game was plentiful, the food was amazing and I could not have asked for more. My wife and I cannot thank you enough. I wish we could come back every year for a new species!

Thomas and Tori Smith

Beceite Ibex