Transport and ground transfers are also covered and taken care of throughout your stay in Spain. Caza Hispánica´s staff is in charge of picking up the hunters from the airport and accompanying them to their lodging in the hunting area, whenever the itinerary was settled that way.

Caza Hispánica has a team of professional hunters in charge of taking good care of our clients, for whom we have a fleet of 4×4 vehicles. These vehicles are prepared to run without problems throughout the hunting areas and to transport our clients and their companions in total comfort. During the day of the hunt the necessary equipment will be carried as well. All through the hunting expeditions these cars will reach any possible roads, and while out of the car our professional hunters and guides will make sure you will enjoy the thrill and the hunting experience.

A bilingual Caza Hispánica interpreter accompanies the hunter at all times during the stay in our country not only during the hunt. You will feel welcome and entertained during your stay and during the transfer and transport from one point of your itinerary to the next one.