The geography and climate of Spain are extremely diverse, and the country is home to a wide variety of wildlife and species. Our Spanish animals, most of them spectacular mountain species like the Spanish Ibex and its four varieties: Beceite Ibex, Gredos Ibex, Southeastern Ibex and Ronda Ibex, have become some of the highlights of any assertive hunter or huntress.

Spain offers a great deal of Spanish hunting trophies for hunters that want to complete the Capra Slam or the OVIS Slam. 4 types of Spanish Ibex, 2 types of Chamois: Cantabrian and Pyrenean and the Balearean Goat for the Capra Slam and the Mouflon Sheep and Barbary Sheep or Aoudad for the OVIS Slam.

Have a look at our available hunting species in Spain: Spanish Ibex, Spanish Chamois, Wild sheep, Deer: Red deer, Fallow deer and Roe deer, Spanish wolf, wild boar and bird hunting: Red legged partridge. Enhance your trophy collection with one of these majestic Spanish hunting species and amplify your hunting experience with a hunting trip in Spain.

Spanish Ibex



Wild Sheep

Balearean Goat

Wild Boar

Spanish Wolf

Red legged Partridge