Sus scrofa, the Spanish wild boar, just like the Balearean Goat, can be hunted during all year, without seasonal restrictions.

Although a boar is actually a male pig or hog, the term is widely used as a common name for the species. For the Spanish wild boar shoulder height is 30-47 inches (76-119 cm). Weight 150-400 pounds (68-181 kg), sometimes as much as 700 pounds (317 kg). Females are somewhat smaller than males and have much smaller tusks.
A medium-sized animal with a thick body, relatively thin legs, a short neck, and a long, pointed head ending in a disklike snout. Spanish wild boar´s coat is dense, bristly hair, brownish-gray in color, sometimes with cheek whiskers and a neck mane. Each foot has four toes, the middle two supporting the body. Canine teeth are usually well-developed, forming tusks. Stomach is two-chambered and non-ruminating.
Gregarious, living in family groups, though old boars may be solitary. When undisturbed, it is active morning and afternoon, resting midday and at night. The Spanish wild boar becomes nocturnal when harassed. Eats all kinds of vegetable matter, also small animals and carrion. Sense of smell is very good, hearing good, eyesight only fair. Wary and alert. A fast runner and strong swimmer. The habitat for the Spanish wild boar is undergrowth and forest, at any altitude. Requires water for drinking.

Distribution: All over Spain

Gold: 22″ SCI points
Silver: 19 4/16″ SCI points
Bronze: 15″ SCI points