Tourism and hunting in Spain
Hunting and touring in Spain

Not only a hunting trip

Spain, a place that Hemingway fell in love with and a country that delights all its visitors. There is no way one can visit Spain only once. From the high Mountains in the North to the Mediterranean beaches in the East, from the snowy mountains in the South to the green pastures in the Atlantic area, Spain nourishes a whole spectrum of tourist attractions. Bullfighting and flamenco dancers made us famous, and Sangria made our visitors happy in return. Treat yourself and have a taste of the European country that Romans, French, Arabs, English and Spanish peoples have fought over and left a significant trace of cultural richness and beauty. Enjoy your hunting trip in Spain fully by adding touring days to your hunting trip.

Tourism in Spain

Spain is one of the world’s leading tourist destination, thanks to our country’s variety of attractions. It would be at least interesting to know that Spain is the world’s second country with the most World Heritage cities, the third in terms of natural areas declared Biosphere Reserves, or the country with the most Blue Flag beaches in the entire Northern Hemisphere, so we can say as much as we can about tourism in Spain, it will still be an understatement. Having that in mind, as a very short summary about Spain´s tourism we can state that Spain is a place with a great supply of quality tourist attractions, full of history, culture, cuisine, festivals and charm and much much more.

Sunny weather

The climate in Spain is also unique. It is one of the countries with most days of sunshine in Europe. We are a natural preserve. The charm and the location of the hunting areas allow us to provide numerous complimentary activities to the hunters and their companions.

Attractions and activities

If you wish so, Caza Hispánica can plan for you, our, clients visits to the beautiful and charming attractions and monuments of the distinct regions of Spain. Some of them are the following: guided visits, horse rides, climbing, hiking, archery, skiing and snow tourism, multiadventure activities, dinosaur’s parks, gastronomical and wine tourism, hot springs, spas, festivals and festivities.

All these activities can be enjoyed together by all the group or we also offer the possibility to enjoy it separately: while the hunter or huntress hunts we can take one or several non hunting companions to go touring and sightseeing with one of our bilingual guides and then meet in the hotel with the rest of the team for dinner.

Hunting and tourism in Spain
Hunting and touring in Spain


We hunted Gredos and Beceite Ibex with Vicente, seeing many animals and taking very fine trophies. Also, we were very fortunate to witness two Beceite males fighting, an amazing sight. Touring and hunting Spain for eleven days from Madrid to Ribero del Duero for fine Tempranillo wines, to Toledo, Avila, Segovia and up the eastern coast, Vicente and his staff provided the highest quality of food, location, transportation and accommodations. In Valencia, after hunting we even went to the symphony. Up the Spanish coast from Valencia to Barcelona we saw great beauty, and in Spain history was everywhere. The entire trip was fabulous, and Vicente is a true gentleman and consummate professional. We plan to return to Spain to do more hunting and touring with Vicente, and are proud to call him our friend.

Bill and Amber Miertschin