In our last article we have talked about the application process that a hunter needs to follow in order to get the gun permit for Spain from the Spanish Consulate in the US or Canada. Today we are going to talk about something strongly related to the last post and that is: the Spanish airport gun assistance, in other words, what will happen once you arrive in Spain and how you go through the airport customs when you bring a gun to Spain.

Important info when travelling with guns to Spain

Airlines only accept your gun in a separate locked case and unloaded. In a separate locked case you shall put your ammunition. The maximum number of ammo that you are allowed to bring to Spain is 200 per rifle. Every loose cartridge or bullet will be confiscated and will give you problems at the airport. Check with your airline if they have special regulation concerning gun transportation.

Sometimes when you come to Spain and when you leave from Spain you will need to pass through another country in Europe. Get in touch with the police offices of these airports and ask if you need a transit permit for their airport. Most flights pass through Paris, and there is no need for a transit permit for France, but make sure to ask for any other country.

Travelling abroad with guns

Spanish airport gun assistance

When you arrive to Spain you may arrive to Madrid or Barcelona, or you may have a different airport destination and only have a first stop in Madrid or Barcelona. It´s important to have in mind that your gun will be checked out only at your final airport, even if you have to stop first in Madrid or Barcelona.

At Caza Hispanica many of our clients start their trip with us directly and we help them with the immigration process at the airport, but some of our clients opt to arrive a few days before and visit Spain a couple of days before their hunting trip begins and get over their jet lag by when they go hunting. When you start your trip with us right away after landing we will be waiting at the airport for you. Your gun will not come with your luggage, but you will be taken at “Intervención de armas”, Gun Control Department, normally located close to Custom´s office. Once we get in the office they will ask you to show them your documents: passport, gun permit from the Spanish Consulate and you will be asked to open your gun case so they can check the serial number on your gun.  You will also need a copy of your Spanish hunting license and insurance which we will make sure to bring with us or send to you in case you arrive a few days before your hunt with us begins.

You will be then issued a Special authorization to use your gun in Spain, a document that you will have to carry with you while being in Spain and you will have to give back to the police when you leave from Spain. The cost for this authorization will be paid in cash at the airport (around 11.23€)

Spanish gun immigration

Leaving Spain with a gun

When you leave from Spain you will have to go through the police office again before you go to your airline´s counter and turn in the Special authorization. You will be issued a two copies receipt. One of theme will be put inside your gun’s case and the other one you will need to take to your airline’s check in counter. Its cost is of 3.77€ normally.

We hope this information and complete guide on the Spanish airport gun assistance covers all details. Remember to check our section of Frequently asked questions where you can find answered questions that we received from hunters that are about to hunt in Spain and from hunters that have already harvested Spanish hunting species. If you still have any questions related to Spanish hunting documents or Spanish Ibex hunting in general, leave us a comment or send us an e-mail at We will gladly answer your doubts.

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