What makes Caza Hispanica a good Spanish hunting company?

In fact what makes a good-any profession? A good Spanish hunting company has to have a great reputation, and real value comes from within, the desire to be better, to walk the extra mile and to learn from your own mistakes and from the mistakes of others.

A few weeks ago we published a post on our American experience in January at DSC. February is one of the months that we spend more time in the US, mainly because we attend the SCI hunting convention in Las Vegas, and it is when we meet our new clients and interested people that want to spend a hunting holiday in Spain with us in the future. But apart from that it´s also when we learn a lot about our hunters, about issues concerning hunting, about hunting trends and even a little bit about ourselves.

Caza Hispanica, Spanish hunting company


What we´ve learnt about Caza Hispanica:

  1. Did you know that we are one of the few Spanish outfitters where hunters get to hunt with the professional hunter themselves? At Caza Hispanica, an authentic Spanish hunting company located in Spain, you don´t book with us only to find out that we were only intermediaries and that you would end up hunting with someone that never exchanged an email with you. Vicente, our PH will be with you from day 1 until the end of your trip, even when we go touring.
  2. No language or communication barriers. We have a licensed translator working full time with Caza Hispanica that will accompany you throughout the hunt, picking you up at the airport and dropping you off on the last day at the airport. Yonela has studied English Philology and has a Master´s degree in English Language for International Trade. She has been trained as a hunting companion for almost 2 years and she will personally look after and take care of your documents and comfort while in Spain.
  3. Absolutely legal hunts: Caza Hispanica is a Spanish hunting company where we are very strict with the gun permit, hunting license and insurance, certified tags and seals so you will not be caught off guard and by surprise at any time and you will definitely receive your trophies at home after the hunt without taking any chances.
  4. Hunting is the main part of your trip to Spain, but at Caza Hispanica we care about tourism just as much. We never miss a chance to tell you about or show you something beautiful. Moving from one place to another will include stops to the most emblematic areas so you don´t have to find out later that you´ve missed a cultural, historical or mythological landmark.

We hope you choose Spain as your next hunting destination and that you choose Caza Hispanica as your Spanish hunting company. Discover on your own how we strive to include this added value in all of our hunts.