As we have already been announcing, December is synonym of “rut season” for the 4 species of the Spanish Ibex Grand Slam; so together with our December hunters we geared up our camera as December is when the Spanish Ibex are visible and in full sight all over the mountain.

An experienced hunter knows that in order to have a successful hunt you need 3 things: good weather, a good hunting area, and a good aim.  We can´t control the first thing, but we do provide the best hunting areas and the third is on you.

Spanish Ibex Grand Slam

In December we´ve had 3 hunters that have completed their Spanish Ibex Grand Slam. You will see, read and watch more about this hunt on Cabela´s instinct soon.

9 ibex in 12 days. Not the best weather we could have encountered, but we took advantage of every beam of sunshine and made the most of our trip.

Here you can see some pictures of this amazing hunting trip:

Tim Herald´s Gredos Ibex:

Gredos Ibex, Tim Herald

Tim Herald´s Ronda Ibex

Ronda Ibex, Tim Herald

Mark Peterson´s Ronda Ibex

Mark peterson, Ronda Ibex Spain

Mark Peterson´s Southeastern Ibex

Southeastern Ibex, Mark Peterson

Earl Peterson´s Ronda IbexRonda Ibex

Earl Peterson´s Southeastern Ibex

Spanish Ibex Grand Slam

Eric Schlukebir´s Ronda Ibex

Ronda Ibex

Eric Schlukebir´s Southeastern Ibex

Southeastern Spanish Ibex, Eric Schlukebir

Eric Schlukebir´s Beceite Ibex

Gold ibex trophy

Father-daughter Gredos Ibex hunt

In December we´ve also accommodated a father-and-daughter hunt, when Gary and Paula Gardner visited us for the first time and they hunted a Gold Gredos Ibex. Here are some images from their trip:

Gredos Spanish Ibex

Gredos Ibex
Spanish Gredos Ibex

Gredos Ibex

Vicente Gil Gredos IbexFather daughter ibex huntSpanish Ibex hunt


All these hunts and animals can be seen in a short video that we´ve put together. In this video you can see the different type of terrain and the differences between the 4 types of species from the Spanish Ibex Grand Slam. The main difference between the subspecies is consists in the size and shape of the horns and the size and color of the body. You can read more info about the peculiarities of the ibex in the section of our website dedicated to the Spanish Ibex here.

If you have already begun your Spanish Ibex Grand Slam and still have one or several species left, or if you are considering hunting the Spanish Ibex Grand Slam send us and email at and we will give you all the info.