Vicente,  I am writing to thank you for a fantastic hunt with Caza Hispánica this past November. Our hunt started in pursuit of Beceite in the mountains near Mora de Rubielos. After observing over 75 Ibex per day for 3 days, I took a magnificent 30″ Beceite. The tedious final stalk below a rocky ridge line, to within 230 yards was an unforgettable experience for me. The killing shot left an indelible imprint as the animal slid down the steep hillside. The following day we traveled to Almeria on the Mediterranean coast to hunt the Southeastern Ibex. We saw many animals on the very first day. I took an excellent 9 year old billy following a very difficult uphill crawling stalk just before noon. On our way back to Almeria, we spotted a 35″ Southeastern Ibex that will haunt me forever. 
Everything about my hunt was excellent. Game was abundant and the trophy quality was exceptional. The hotels (especially Los Leones in Rubielos de Mora) were top notch; the food and wine was gourmet; your local guides were very knowledgeable, and most of all, your customer service and personal commitment was very impressive. Spanish people are some of the most hospitable in the entire world. 


Cell 303-884-9822