We had probably our most amazing hunting-sightseeing trip of all our four years. They have all been wonderful, but Ronda, Ubrique and Gibraltar were very unique places. Bob completing his gran slam of the ibex was beyond words. It is his first gran slam completed for any animal and nothing will ever compare to his hunts. We cannot thank you enough for your professionalism and hospitality in your hunting and sightseeing operation. Yonela has been so wonderful in her translating and friendship. She is a strong asset to your business. Also, many thanks for the shopping time. Everyone at home enjoys us having a part of Spain back to them! We hope to be back next year for the chamois.  Much love and hugs, Jan Zaiglin

As I have over the last three years- my fourth trip to your incredibly unique country to complete my gran slam for Spanish Ibex was most memorable. Taking a gold Ronda in the Armageddon like the mountains of Sierra de Ronda was literally over the top and enjoying it with you was truly a privilege. Your hunting skills accented by your friendship elevated my hunting experience to another level. Thank you for taking care of Jan and I and all the incredibly unique side trips from Ronda to the Rock of Gibraltar, but more importantly thank you for your sincere friendship. A special “Thank you” to our great friend, Yonela. You are trully a breath of fresh air and comfort. Thank you for all the Spanish Language lessons that I will take back to Texas. Your friend, Bob Zaiglin


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