A good friend and I hunted with Caza Hispanica, and the entire trip far exceeded all of our expectations. I make my living in the outdoors on TV and writing magazine articles, so I have been fortunate to travel around the globe hunting for many, many species. This hunt ranked right at the top for me. The hunting itself was fantastic, and we saw high numbers of game, and the quality was incredible. Two of us ended up with 4 ibex and a Balerian Bok, and my largest ibex would rank #8 in the world if I was into the record book thing. Not only was the hunting off the charts, but Vicente, Ionela, and everyone working with Caza Hispanica made us truly feel at home, and worked incredibly hard on every aspect of the trip. The food and lodging were beyond compare, and the added stops we made to see Spanish culture and history really took the trip to another level. It is a great “hunting” trip to take a non-hunting spouse on, and my only regret for the whole trip was that my wife was not there. I know she would have loved it. 
I think the fact that I rebooked with 3 other hunters for 2016 says it all about what I thought of the operation and my first trip. I can’t wait to get back over and finish my Spanish Ibex Slam with Caza Hispanica. Spanish people are some of the most hospitable in the entire world. 


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