Our hunting season is about to start but we are still enjoying the results of our last one. In this month´s edition of the Universal Hunter magazine we have the honor to be mentioned and our service presented and detailed by Tim Herald.

Tim has hunted with us in February together with Gary Joseph from Magnum TV on Outdoors Channel and they hunted a total of 3 Beceite Spanish Ibex in the Teruel area, one Southeastern Spanish Ibex and one Balearean Goat in the Mallorca island. Two weeks with these experienced hunters and great people. Here you can see an extract of the article published on Universal Hunter magazine, Oct-Nov-Dec 2015 edition. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have. Enjoy it entirely by clicking the link below that will take you to the complete article from the magazine where you can read everything about this hunting trip. Emotion, thrill, excitement… in a word: hunting.

“Late one afternoon, we glassed a group of ibex about 500 yards away on top of a plateau that dropped thousands of feet into the valley below. There was no way to get over to where they were as there was only one small land bridge that connected the main ridge to the plateau that was almost like a suspended island. We sat back and watched as a band of nice billies moved our way, and I was glassing with my legs literally dangling over the cliff. That was as close as I could get. It became apparent that there was a point that they would get to that would be the closest possible, and it was roughly 310 yards away”

Read more here: Caza Hispanica hunt by Tim Herald, Universal hunter magazine 2015

Feel free to share it with everyone that you think that would like to read it, and if you want a hunt like this for yourselves write us an email at: info@cazahispanica.com. You can find a preview of the video in this blog entrySpanish Ibex hunt with Caza Hispanica, show preview and more articles on our hunts on our media section.

We look forward to hunting with you!

Huge Spanish Ibex

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