Spanish Ibex, Caza Hispanica Outfitter

We are visual people and today more than ever we are used to see everything before we arrive to any places. Hunting is no less and here at Caza Hispanica we want to give you as much visual information as you need on the hunting areas, Spanish hunting Species, the Spanish Ibex, hunting methods and everything related to your hunting experience in Spain. For this reason here you can find our newest video: Spanish Ibex, Caza Hispanica Outfitter.

“What am I looking at?”

This video presents a few hunts that our friends Tim Herald and Gary Joseph hunted with Caza Hispanica. They hunted in 3 different areas in Spain. Gary hunted in the Balearean Island, Mallorca,  one Balearean Goat and in the Beceite Ibex hunting area a medal class Beceite Ibex. Tim Hunted one non medal Beceite Ibex and one Super Gold Beceite Ibex, that would score #8 in the SCI Record Book, and then one beautiful Southeastern Spanish Ibex in the South-East of Spain.

Spanish Ibex, Caza Hispanica Outfitter

“Where can I see more?”

The TV program that filmed this video is Magnum TV on Outdoor Channel. This is the video of the highlights of the hunt, normally the stalking and shooting of the animals. Actually, this has been a 13-day hunt and besides hunting the above species we have also visited an artisan glass factory, a wine cellar, and the cities of Palma de Mallorca, Valencia and the South of Spain, besides eating the most famous Spanish dishes as paella and sea food, always accompanied by fine Spanish red wine.  If you want to see the rest of these shows you can access it here, on the website of Magnum TV.

“I want something like that!”

We hope you enjoyed this reel “Spanish Ibex, Caza Hispanica Outfitter”. Let us know if you would like a hunt like this. Write us an email at or get in touch with Tim Herald at Both him and us will gladly start planning your next hunting trip to Spain with Caza Hispanica.