Who is Caza Hispanica? What does Caza Hispanica do? What does Caza Hispanica stand for? Why choose Caza Hispanica?

Every week we get to know new hunters and huntresses and directly or indirectly we are asked these questions. We have put together a 3 minute video of ourselves, of who we are and who we aim to be, of what we do and what we hope to be doing best, improving our service with every hunting season. We want to be your best Spanish outfitter, transparent, clear and honest. We want you to enjoy your time with us here in Spain, hunting and touring and when you leave to be ready to prepare your next hunting trip with us.

We are told that 7 is the perfect number, that is why we have put together our 7 laws that lead us through every hunt that we organize and plan, through every email that we send, through every conversation that we carry.

What is Caza Hispanica?

Caza Hispanica is all you can hope a Spanish outfitter should be:

1. Trustworthy company and professional staff:

  • Vicente Gil, CEO and Experienced Professional Hunter
  • Yonela Scoarta, translator and booking agent
  • Skillful local guides
  • Absolutely legal hunts

2. Provides excellent game and hunting concessions

3. Amazing hunting experience and breathtaking Spanish scenery

  • From spotting to skinning, from speaking silently in the woods to jumping around in delight due to the beautiful hunt, the hunting experience is absolutely thrilling.
  • Spain is a peninsula and because of that, although we are surrounded by seas Spain is a mountainous country. Many of our Species are located in high accessible areas. Every time we are up there we stop and watch the scenery around. Simply breathtaking.

4. Outstanding service and Impressive treat     

5. Great reputation and satisfied clients

  • Even if we like it or not, sometimes you are not what you are, you are what others say you are. We invite you to check our testimonials and references list to have a closer look at the very words of our clients and their contact info for you to ask them your own questions.

6. Concerned with wildlife conservation

      Proud members of

7. Grateful and Respectful towards nature

  • A hunter feels at home in the middle of the nature, wandering on far away roads and mysterious paths across the country. We respect and appreciate the beauty of nature and we reconnect to our ancestors, to our own nature, to ourselves.

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