There are also two types of Spanish Wild Sheep in Spain: Mouflon Sheep and Barbary Sheep, aka as Audad.

Hunting season:
Mouflon Sheep: Since October until beginning of February
Brabary Sheep: Since September/October until mid February.

Spanish wild sheep: Mouflon Sheep

Ovis gmelini musimon, is one of the world’s smallest wild sheep, resembling a slim domestic sheep except that it has a normal coat of hair, any wool being concealed beneath. Upper parts are reddishbrown with a pale (almost white) saddle patch in the winter coat. Underparts, rump, lower legs and muzzle are white. There is dark neck ruff but no bib. The horns for the Mouflon wild sheep usually grow in a tight circle, with the tips turned inward toward the face and broomed back to about a three-quarter curl.

Distribution: All over Spain, mainly central areas

Gold: 121 3/8″ SCI points
Silver: 114 1/8″ SCI points
Bronze: 90″ SCI points

Spanish wild sheep: Barbary Sheep

Ammotragus lervia,  the Barbary wild sheep is a biologically intermediate between a sheep and a goat, the Aoudad is a strongly built animal with a short mane on neck and shoulders, and long, flowing hair on throat, chest, forelegs (where it forms pantaloons or chaps) and tail. Overall coloration is sandy brown with paler underparts. The thick, sheeplike horns (both sexes) of the Barbary sheep are triangular in section and supracervical, which means they curve to form a semicircle above the neck. Females aoudad wild sheep are lighter in color, and have much smaller horns and less hair.

Distribution: Introduced on several properties in Spain, the Sierra Espuña National Park in Spain has a free-ranging population of about 1,500.


Gold: 125 3/8″ SCI points
Silver: 119 3/8″ SCI points
Bronze: 115″ SCI points

Map hunting species in Spain


What a wonderful adventure we had in Spain. Caza Hispanica was a wonderful host and tour guide. The hunting was exciting in the mountains, Russell enjoyed the hunt of two Ibex!!!
Vicente was a great guide as well his son. Thank you both for making our firts trip to Spain amazing.
“Great hunting, great people, Los Leones hotel was very special and the small towns in Spain were full of history”
Well done and enjoyed!!!

Russell Marshall